Биометрия и расчеты интраокулярных линз

Biometrics and calculations of intraocular lenses

After completing the course, an ophthalmologist will fully master the theoretical and practical skills of biometrics and calculating the optical strength of spherical, toric, multifocal IOLs in patients with cataracts in standard and complicated cases.

  • €450

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Биометрия и расчеты интраокулярных линз

Course description

The advanced training course "Biometrics and IOL calculations" is intended for cataract surgeons and ophthalmologists involved in the preoperative preparation of patients with cataracts. The theoretical part is aimed at a detailed analysis of all the stages of calculating the optical strength of the IOL, the practical part involves obtaining biometrics skills, analyzing private clinical cases proposed by teachers and course participants.

Additional course information

Total cost €450
NMO Points 16 points
Number of hours 16 academic hours

Course section

Обучение Офтальмологии

Course for

Врачей-офтальмологов и клинических ординаторов

Documents for admission

  • Copy of the passport
  • Passport - 2 list
  • The document on higher medical or pharmaceutical education
  • Old specialist certificate
  • Marriage/divorce certificate, if the name has been changed **
  • Additional documents

** — If this document is available


г. Москва, 2-й Рощинский проезд, д.8, стр.5, офис 203. *Слушателям курса предоставляется скидка -10% на проживание в бизнес-отеле "Серпуховской двор" по адресу: г.Москва, 2-й Рощинский проезд, д.8, стр.4

Course Lecturers

Practice on the equipment

Оптический биометр TOMEY OA-2000

Course program

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All places are booked.
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